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Oct 29, 2013 7:00am PDT
on systemic failures. did she see the problems coming? did she tell hhs secretary sebelius? i want to bring in our company. e.j. dionne, susan page is usa today's washington bureau chief. good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> let's start with who she is. i think it's interesting. she was a nurse in the e.r., she worked her way up to ceo of a couple of big hospitals. so she knows something about running complicated organizations. susan, what are you expecting to see this morning? >> i think she's going to get a more respectful hearing than kathleen sebelius is likely to get tomorrow, but this is a warm-up for tomorrow's hearing with secretary sebelius. you know marilyn tavenner has earned a good reputation in washington as a straightforward person and competent manager. on the other hand, it's her agency that's been in charge of this exchange website that has had so many problems so she is sure to be grilled about that. >> it was one of her people, though, who pushed through a change, e.j., that forced users to create these accounts before they shopped for insurance and that's w
Oct 28, 2013 7:00am PDT
, they want people to have health care. they want to be able to show that this works. >> kathleen sebelius has been in the middle of this, carl, and is going before that committee on wednesday. what does she have to say? what can she do? >> i'm not in the -- giving cabinet secretaries advice. what has to be done is a show of recovered competence, and this has not been a very competent rollout. the president of the united states ought to be saying, look, we have screwed up in terms of how we have rolled this thing out. we're going to learn from it. but let's not be defeated, and let's not be put over on the side and marginalized by the fact that the opposition party has no interest in seeing this succeed. that's what people need to know. that's what bill clinton is talking about. the opposition party wants this buried, not for reasons of americans being healthy but for ideological reasons. once again the country is being ill served just like the government shutdown over ideology over the national interests which is what keeps happening with the republicans on capitol hill. make this thing work.
Oct 31, 2013 7:00am PDT
.gov and the president's still trying to solve a plan yesterday in boston while hours earlier kathleen sebelius took full responsibleity. >> so let me say directly to these americans. you deserve better. i apologize. hold me accountable for the debacle. i'm responsible. >> okay. >> so there's no excuse for it, and i take full responsibility for making sure it gets fixed asap. we are working overtime to improve it every day. >> i want to bring in our company, josh barrel, for business insider and erin carmone, national reporter and congressman charles rangel, the democrat from new york. good to see all of you. good morning. a couple of things stood out for me and one is the number that we just showed and that people are sick of their own representative and usually people are sick of congress and they still like their person and the president who always had personal likability, josh, is under water. if you're anybody in washington right now, what do you make of these numbers? i wouldn't be surprised if we were in washington and especially the last month, and i think this is sort of like the situation in 20
Oct 30, 2013 7:00am PDT
back. >> miss caps. >> thank you, mr. chairman. thank you, secretary sebelius, for your presence here today and your testimony. i too am frustrated with the flawed rollout of, i do appreciate your long standing commitment to improving the health care options for all americans and fixing this website quickly. i think it's important to note that in my home state of california and other states as well, the new exchange marketplace, we call it covered california, is working. rates -- constituents are finding that rates are as much as 29% less than those that they found on the marketplace last year. i'm thankful my constituents now have this option. as i look around to complement takes nationwide, it seems clear to me that political decisions in individual states have really made the difference for consumers. the governors and state legislators that embrace this law are delivering for the communities, but those elected who are trying to ignore the opportunities presented and continue to throw up roadblocks both here in congress and in state legislatures should not seem surpr
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)